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August 30 2022

At first, this hosting did not particularly inspire confidence in me, since I am always suspicious of everything new, I have such a character trait.
Before taking VPS, I found reviews and decided to take a chance. I can say that I definitely did not lose, at the moment there was one breakdown in 2 years, but everything was fixed in half an hour. The only thing I would like to wish is to continue working in the same spirit and develop further.

Kirill Efremov
August 28 2022

I have my own online store. How lucky I am to have stumbled upon this service. I have connected the host to my site. Everything worked without interruptions and at a stable speed. Pleasant technical support, will help with any question. The price is pleasant for their services. I recommend it to everyone, I checked it on my own experience.

Roma Popov
August 26 2022

Reliable hosting. Works without interruption. Excellent download speed on the server.Technical support in touch around the clock. I am happy with everything.

August 12 2022

Very reasonable prices, the most reliable on the market, it works stably and there are no failures, which is very good

Kirill Chukin
August 1 2022

Very convenient hosting,i started using it on the advice of friend. Good technical support, always in touch, everything is perfectly explained. Very pleased.

Vadim Komarin
June 10 2022

I want to tell you about the King hoster, I switched to it in 2018, during this time I almost did not regret it. Large selection of tariffs, with various parameters. 24/7 technical support that really works. The prices are very reasonable and the quality is excellent. I recommend

Curtis W.
September 27 2019

It was necessary to rent a server for Keitaro. I chose this hoster because of the simple, intuitive billing panel that they recommended me before purchasing, as well as the reasonable price (something between variants that were considered). I didn’t see any performance problems. One time I turned for to the support group, and it occured that I was incorrectly entering the command, they helped me out. The support group is great.

Allen D.
April 12 2022

As for me in king-servers the most favorable price on VPS server. I hate VPS-NL-512 for 2.5$/mo. I use for a personal vpn on openvpn. The server was aways available during use

Lee Cherex
April 5 2022

I have been using the services for 4 years! And I plan to work with them in the future! Technical support around the clock – answers as soon as possible, help in everything, everything is specifically explained and explained. The price for the service is very good!

Jason Herewod
December 18 2021

We needed a powerful server from Russia to host a cs:go tournament and for the third time the King Servers company helps us in this. Moreover, the price for us is the same from year to year, when other hoster increase and increase the price every year. On the technical side, everything is ok, powerful hardware and high-quality connection is what we need. Thank you very much and we also plan to attract you for the next turn.

Tobias Baader
December 10 2021

We rent a dedicated server from California, which hosts 3 sites. Satisfied at the moment. Once there was a problem with the update, but in the end we decided, everything is fine. Recommend kings servers

Max Walker
November 21 2021

Good afternoon! I have been working with this company for more than one year, and always, when any problems with the site did not happen, or suddenly something did not become understood to me (as a user) excellent and competent passport workers always came to the rescue and provided support, for which I am very grateful to them! I wish king servers prosperity and long years of work! Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Samuel Bords
November 16 2021

My last hosting provider in 2017 blocked access to the office and disconnected the server without explanation, on the advice of colleagues contacted King-servers, I have been using it for 4 years and there have been no closely similar situations, the passport is always in communication

Brent Robles
August 26 2021

Would like to cancel the availability of a free test period if there is an ip or company. If the first time you knock on them like me, then such an opportunity is very much a plus. After 2 weeks of test, I bought, 2 months passed, everyone is satisfied.

September 12 2019

It has decent hosting prices. To make it clear, I will share some secrets with you: there is a small blog on WordPress and its attendance is about 1100 unique users per day. Of course there are times when it has up to 3K users. During the year, I never had a problem. There are technical nuances, but the technical support group always notifies me about them. If you are going to develop further in the hosting direction, and I’m sure you will, I’ll be very happy! For personal blogs, your services are perfect!

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