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Dedicated servers with unlimited channels

Choose between 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, 20 Gbps, and 40 Gbps unlimited guaranteed bandwidth. Servers with vast and unlimited communication channels allow you to download and process huge amounts of data, ensuring the smooth operation of highly loaded web applications.

  • Unlimited traffic on all our servers Unlimited traffic on all our servers
  • Upload and download large amounts of data, including videos and graphics Upload and download large amounts of data, including videos and graphics
  • Hosting sites with very high traffic Hosting sites with very high traffic

Dedicated servers with unlimited bandwidth

Dedicated servers with unlimited bandwidth have the capability to handle a large number of simultaneous connections or data transfers, making them suitable for resource-intensive applications or websites that receive a lot of traffic.

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Features of dedicated servers with unlimited channels

Servers with high-speed and unlimited channels are necessary if the bottleneck for productivity growth is not the processor or RAM, but the speed of information exchange with the “outside world”.
If this option is selected, the server tenant receives a dedicated channel with a bandwidth of up to 10 Gbps, which is enough to cover almost all traffic exchange needs. Through this channel, you can download long videos and high-resolution images without delay, the results of laser data scanning and topographic surveys of the area, and databases with millions and billions of records Collected by IoT for further processing and analysis.

Servers with fast communication lines without restrictions on the amount of transmitted information are needed to solve problems related to sending and receiving large amounts of data. These include processing BigData, launching sites with millions of visitors, and storing and backing up information in the cloud.

This type of service should be selected if the bandwidth of communication channels is a bottleneck that affects the performance of the service. The absence of traffic restrictions allows you to predict the cost of renting servers, regardless of the amount of transmitted and received information.

Why high-speed channels are needed

High-bandwidth links (1 to 40 Gbps) is a wired data transmission technology that allows a server to receive packets at a rate of 40 billion bits per second. Given the high processing speed of modern processors, as well as fast reads and writes on SSDs, such channels can eliminate the “bottleneck” in the performance of network technologies.

The advantages of high-speed channels are manifested in areas where it is necessary to transmit and receive large amounts of data. For example, in the case of using a remote dedicated server as a cloud storage or a place for data backup.

When connecting servers with lines with a bandwidth of 1, 10, 20, or 40 Gbps, you can send and receive data at a speed that exceeds the capabilities of home gigabit Internet and Wi-Fi 6. Thus, the tenant receives an ultra-fast backbone for connecting remote users to corporate software in the data center.

Gigabit Link Capabilities

When choosing a provider to rent a server, you should immediately check the possibility of renting a multi-gigabit line without data transfer limits. In this case, expensive server capacities will not be “idle”, waiting for data to be processed. And millions of site visitors will not receive an error when accessing a resource due to exceeding load limits.

Connecting servers with unlimited and high-speed channels simplify the organization of the work of remote teams. Especially in companies that have to process large amounts of data – video information, files with the results of geodetic surveys, photos, BigData.

Employees do not need to organize an office, use removable drives to transfer files, or other ways to quickly exchange bulky data. Working with such a server will be similar to working in the office if the user is also connected to the network using high-speed data transfer technology.

The use of unlimited channels with a speed of 1, 10, 20, and 40 Gbps makes the server available and reduces downtime required for downloading files and working with databases. There is no need to save information from the server on your own computer. You can work with it remotely without experiencing discomfort due to the low connection speed.

Unlimited channels are suitable for:

Their use provides several advantages:

In what cases is it worth renting a channel 1, 10, 20, 40 Gbps

If the user’s tasks involve downloading and uploading large amounts of data, it is advisable to choose a tariff with unlimited communication channels and speeds from 1 to 40 Gbps when signing a lease agreement.

This option is needed in the following cases

What does unlimited hosting mean?

When renting dedicated servers with unlimited communication channels, the client gets at his disposal a system that does not have the following restrictions:

Communication lines without restrictions on the amount of data and traffic

For the effective operation of many online projects, not only a powerful server with installed software is required, but also the ability to quickly transfer data over communication channels. When choosing a hosting provider and tariff, you need to take into account the bandwidth of the channels.

If you need unlimited traffic with guaranteed bandwidth, you need to rent a server with a high-speed channel from a hosting provider. It will be possible to load large amounts of information on it in a minimum time and ensure the smooth operation of sites with millions of visitors per day.

Renting servers with dedicated channels with a guaranteed data transfer rate is necessary if the bottleneck in performance is receiving or sending data, and not the hardware resources of the system.

For data exchange, the hosting provider can provide a channel with a bandwidth of 1, 10, 20, or 40 Gbps. This is enough to solve the overwhelming number of tasks in the field of cloud computing. If necessary, the number of channels can be increased.

A data exchange rate of 40 Gbps is enough to solve such problems:

You need to choose the channel speed taking into account the amount of data transmitted during peak periods. To do this, you can conduct testing or consult with representatives of the technical support of the hosting provider. Based on their own experience, they can predict the volume of transmitted data and offer the best tariff in terms of price and capabilities.

To save money, it is possible to rent a less high-speed channel and, as the load grows, increase its bandwidth.

The lease agreement establishes the following conditions for the use of servers:

  1. With limited traffic.
  2. With an unlimited communication channel.

How to rent a server with an unlimited channel

To arrange a hosting service, contact the managers of King Servers through the feedback form or by calling technical support.


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