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Test the server speed with our network tests in the US, the Netherlands, and Russia.

  • Qualified <br>support Qualified
  • ISO 27001 & NEN 7510 <br>certified ISO 27001 & NEN 7510
  • Power, Refrigeration, Network providers. N+1 redundancy Power, Refrigeration, Network providers. N+1 redundancy
  • Tier III <br>Reliability Institute Standard Tier III
    Reliability Institute Standard

Our data centers on the map


California, USA


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Moscow, Russia

Photo 1 California, USA
Photo 2 California, USA
Photo 3 California, USA
Photo 4 California, USA
Photo 5 California, USA
Photo 6 California, USA
Photo 7 California, USA
Photo 8 California, USA
Photo 9 California, USA
Photo 10 California, USA

Test IP

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Photo 1 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Photo 2 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Photo 3 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Photo 4 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Test IP

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Photo 1 Moscow, Russia
Photo 2 Moscow, Russia
Photo 3 Moscow, Russia
Photo 4 Moscow, Russia
Photo 5 Moscow, Russia
Photo 6 Moscow, Russia
Photo 7 Moscow, Russia
Photo 8 Moscow, Russia
Photo 9 Moscow, Russia
Photo 10 Moscow, Russia
Photo 11 Moscow, Russia
Photo 12 Moscow, Russia

Test IP

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