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For 15 years, our mission has been to help ensure competitiveness and increase the efficiency of your business by providing the most reliable servers with the best conditions.

Years in the industry!
  • <p><strong>6,000+</strong> customers</p>

    6,000+ customers

  • <p><strong>15 years</strong> of work experience</p>

    15 years of work experience

  • <p><strong>50+</strong> professionals</p>

    50+ professionals

  • An authorized member of RIPE and ARIN
  • Secured by the authority and reputation of Cisco Systems


It is worth mentioning that our main activity is not just about the “resale” of capacities, we consider the request of each client individually and always try to find a solution that meets all requirements as flexibly as possible.

King Servers is an authorized member of RIPE & ARIN and completely independently builds its own network architecture. The reliability of their work is ensured by two-three-fold duplication of routes on the highways of transcontinental providers, as well as by the authority and reputation of manufacturers such as Cisco Systems and Mikrotik.

The networks are controlled constantly (24/7), and their protection against malicious activity is based on both our own developments and on partnerships with recognized industry leaders.

Our vendors

The server part is no worse than the network — we focus on using the most reliable equipment that has proven itself from the best side, we install servers of recognized vendors such as SuperMicro, Dell, and Asrock on our sites.

In addition to the generally recognized and proven reliability over many years, we also focus on equipment with long-term support from the manufacturer, ensuring maximum availability and minimum replacement time for end-of-life components.

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Presence in: USA, Europe

King Servers hosting and VPS

King Servers has been focused on a geographically distributed service since its foundation. We rent servers located in data centers in the USA, the Netherlands, and Russia.

DataLine Moscow, Russia DataLine
Amsterdam, Netherlands Serverius Amsterdam, Netherlands
California, USA vXchnge California, USA
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Trouble-free operation

Each server is equipped with a climate control function to maintain the most favorable environmental conditions, and backup power, which allows for uninterrupted maintenance and duplication of communication channels so that by promptly changing the route of data flows, an emergency can be avoided in case of troubles on the main channel.

The level of uptime of our servers is at least 99.74% (downtime is not more than 1,300 minutes per year).

  • Communication channel Communication channel
  • Backup power Backup power
  • Climate control Climate control

Our clients

At the moment, we are trusted by more than 5000+ clients, including the listing of several well-known/large…

Your task is to build a business, ours is to provide it with a reliable IT infrastructure
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Our team

Our team

King Servers brings together high-class professionals from different fields: programmers, support specialists and many others. Here are the leaders of the key teams of King Servers

Our team - Vladimir Fomenko
Vladimir Fomenko
Chief Executive Officer

An IT entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in business hosting and networking solutions, Vladimir is responsible for strategic development.

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Our team - Aleksander Topalov
Aleksander Topalov
Team Lead

Aleksander and his team are honing the architecture of King Servers products, ensuring their stability and high performance.

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Our team - Mikhail Litinov
Mikhail Litinov
Head of Sales

Mikhail and his team maintain the efficiency of King Servers internal business operations and customer support.

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