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Dedicated servers with AMD Ryzen 5950x and EPYC processors

A dedicated server with AMD means high performance and reliability. These servers are optimal for processing and analyzing large amounts of data, virtualization, cloud computing, and solving problems related to artificial intelligence.

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Rent a server based on AMD EPYC

High-performance and reliable servers based on AMD EPYC for processing and analyzing large amounts of data, virtualization, cloud computing.

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Features of dedicated servers with AMD processors

Dedicated servers with AMD processors are ideal for deploying scale-out information infrastructure, graphics computing, and cloud storage. This is facilitated by the presence of 64 cores in one processor, which reduces the number in one server. Also, a plus will be support for 128 PCI lanes for connecting video cards and solid-state drives. Based on AMD processors, hyper coherent systems, servers for processing large amounts of data, including those with GPUs, as well as network storage for hosting databases and backing up information are built

Dedicated servers based on AMD EPYC have high performance and are designed to run high-load applications and online projects. CPU manufacturer – AMD – positions them as a business solution, on the basis of which you can build a fault-tolerant and efficient platform for solving complex problems.

Renting server hardware based on AMD Epyc processors allows you to run more applications and perform complex calculations faster. They have high performance, high memory bandwidth, and a large number of cores.

Features of EPYC processors

Unlike desktop Ryzen CPUs and solutions for the HEDT Threadripper segment, epics are used in servers. The main difference from analogs is that they are SoC or “system on a chip”. That is, they do not need additional chips to interact with other PC components.

The processor independently controls the RAM, drives, and network equipment. This increases the speed of operation and improves reliability in extreme loads.

In EPYC, each core has its own bus for data exchange. This makes them ideal for running hypervisors and creating virtual servers. Tasks can be executed in parallel, and the system will independently distribute the load between the cores, excluding performance degradation.

Processors can work with buffered RAM, which makes it possible to install up to 2 TB of RAM in one machine.

There are 64 cores in one CPU, which give a total of 128 computation threads. At the same time, another EPYC processor can be installed on the server, which doubles the processing power.

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