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A private gaming server — do you need one?

A private gaming server — do you need one?

If you’re a passionate gamer, you must’ve probably heard about private gaming servers. And perhaps, you’ve even wondered if you need one, too. Well, since you’re already reading this article, we will assume that you quite likely will enjoy having your own gaming server. Especially, if you’re a fan of older multiplayer games. A private server will eliminate such issues as lags, disconnects, and lost files while making the gaming even more engaging and smooth.

So, let’s figure out what a gaming server is and what benefits you’ll get from having one.

What is a private gaming server?

As you know, multiplayer games usually involve a host — someone who is hosting a game — and all other players who join the host to play. In most cases, a host who is a player that created the game uses their computer or console that becomes a local gaming server. It means that the computer or the console of the host takes all the load a multiplayer game creates. And not always a device can do the hard work it’s supposed to handle.

It happens due to several reasons. First of all, the device might lack hardware resources to execute game-related tasks. It might lack memory or processing power that results in lags and a poor gaming experience. Additionally, the host might have not the best bandwidth which will create annoying delays and issues in synchronization. It takes away all the fun of gaming and replaces it with frustration and anger.

A dedicated gaming server is a remote server that will be used only by you and your friends when you want to play. Therefore, you won’t need to share its resources with any programs other than your game which will result in smooth and gameplay free from lags. Additionally, you can get more resources with a private server to improve the quality of the game.

And the best thing is that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance — that’s our job. We will make sure that it’s up and running while the internet connection is reliable and strong.

So, let’s see what are the benefits of having your own dedicated server just for gaming.

You are in control

It’s especially valuable if you want to play some older multiplayer game, and you don’t want to deal with all those rules of existing realms. With your private server, you will decide how the game will be run, who are you playing with, and so on.

It means you can use cheats if you like without the risk of getting banned. And you can let all your friends join you without worrying whether their number will impact the gameplay or not — a dedicated server can handle it all. So create a game of your dreams — set the rules, install DLCs you want, and customize the gameplay as much as you can.

No more disconnects

Isn’t it annoying to see “The server is under maintenance” when you decide to play your favorite game? By playing on public servers, you have no other choice but to deal with all those routine check-ups and unpredictable downtimes that negatively impact your experience. Let alone moments when the server owners decided to restore some backup and you’ve lost all the hard-earned loot and experience because of that.

With a private server, you will be in charge of all that, so you’ll be able to do what needs to be done without interrupting your own game. It means, no lost loot and experience, no disruptions, and no issues that will prevent you from enjoying the gaming.

You’re safe

When you’re hosting a game on your own computer or console, you expose yourself to a potential risk of some tech-savvy players who have joined you trying to hack you. King Servers’ dedicated servers are protected from malware, and we also offer an automated anti-DDoS system to keep you safe. So you remain protected even if you invite random people to your game.

Enjoy your favorite games

It’s difficult to find a server that offers exactly the release of a game you want to play. And even if you find any, most likely they will be poorly maintained. When you have your very own dedicated server, you can run any game you want on it the way you want it. So a lot of nostalgic hours of enjoying some old-school multiplayer game are guaranteed.

Wanna stream? A piece of cake!

If you want to stream your games, a dedicated server will be a nice solution. With its help, you’ll be able to get the privacy of your streams if that’s what you want, or you will have an opportunity to stream without issues caused by the lack of resources. No annoying buffering and no lags for you — both you and your viewers will enjoy the quality.

No need to deal with censorship

Let’s be honest. Often, censorship takes away quite a bit of fun, especially when it comes to chats. Sure, it’s necessary to follow community guidelines when you’re playing on a public server. But if you’re playing on your private server, you can choose the level of maturity you like. It’s great both for enjoying some not-so-careful gaming with your friends and setting up a family-friendly multiplayer game for kids.

You have professional support

With King Servers, you will always have access to technicians who are ready to help you with any issues you face. So if you have difficulties setting up something on your private server, you can just ask the support team for help. Also, if you’re thinking about getting a dedicated server for gaming but you don’t know which configuration will fit your needs, we are ready to help you here, too. Just contact us all tell us your gaming desires, and we will pick the option that will satisfy them.

A personal gaming server gives freedom every gamer dreams of. You can tweak it as you like, play your favorite games the way you want, and create the community you enjoy — you’re completely in charge of all things.

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