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How to increase the uniqueness of a text in an anti-plagiarism program: 8 effective ways of 2021

How to increase the uniqueness of a text in an anti-plagiarism program: 8 effective ways of 2021

The more popular the topic, the more difficult it is to write a unique text. Most written works should contain quotes, terms, formulas, etc. It is becoming increasingly difficult to circumvent modern anti-plagiarism programs. So that the writing of the text, coursework and abstract that meets all the requirements does not turn into a real nightmare, it is worth studying effective ways to increase the uniqueness of the information presented.

Making text unique: algorithm of actions

Collecting information on the topic and writing a text is only half a thing. The written work should be unique. To check and improve the uniqueness of the text if necessary, follow these steps:

  1. Select a uniqueness check service. It is advisable to choose a program with an extensive list of functions. A knowingly rigorous and powerful resource will help avoid problems with uniqueness.
  2. Check uniqueness. Interestingly, different programs can produce different results. The thing lies in various algorithms. Some services check texts using the shingle method, while others evaluate the entire text.
  3. Save original option. It is recommended that you always leave a backup of the initial text, even if it has a low percentage of uniqueness. So it will always be possible to return to the beginning if the corrected work seems meaningless.

Increase uniqueness by 5-10% more than the required result. This approach will avoid uniqueness problems if the customer/instructor checks for more advanced tools.

The finished text should be saved, it is advisable to attach links to the result of the check at the bottom.

Working methods to increase the uniqueness in 2021

There are many ways to increase uniqueness. Some suggest thorough changes in the written part, others – only in the document. The way you choose depends on how much time and effort you need to edit. Let's have a look at the 8 methods that are considered most effective.


This is the most efficient but the most time-consuming method. In this case, you will have to rewrite almost every sentence in other words, while preserving the meaning. Rewriting is painstaking work, but as you gain experience it turns out to be easier and faster to redo the text.


This method allows you to literally deceive the service by knocking down the verification algorithm. You can do this if you insert a new one every 2 words that fit the meaning. To understand what we are talking about, it is worth understanding the principle of the algorithm. All texts in the database are searched for matches with the document being checked. Not individual words are taken into account, but combinations of 3-4 words. Thus, if the sentence is diluted with only a couple of new words, anti-plagiarism will consider it unique.


The part that is borrowed from another source can be inserted into the text as a screenshot. To do this, you need to find the scissors tool and grab the part you want to hide with it. If everything is done correctly, the resulting screenshot will not have a frame and will perfectly fit into the text. The duplicate text must be removed. Anti-plagiarism checkers do not recognize images, so the result will be a unique work.

Synonyms and epithets

Frequently used words should be replaced with concepts that are close in meaning. Adding epithets will also change the original text, making it unique. However, this method is not suitable for all texts. For example, epithets will be inappropriate, and synonyms will not always work out when writing a scientific work.

Text encoding

In this case, you do not need to work with the written work itself. The method is based on hiding borrowings from the verification service. You can perform/order encoding on specialized sites.

Use of unpublished texts

It is possible to increase uniqueness if you find more information in synopses and books that are not published on the Internet.

Use of unique content

In order not to face the need to increase the uniqueness of the already written text, it is better to copy material on the Internet that was uploaded no earlier than 2-4 weeks ago. During such a period, the anti-plagiarism service has not yet had time to update, so this method will give an excellent result.

Foreign sites

uniqueness services do not index texts in foreign languages, therefore they will not find borrowings. To find material on the desired topic, the title should be translated into English and inserted into the search bar. The search engine itself will translate the information it finds into Russian. All you have to do is to copy the appropriate fragments into your work, and then check them for grammatical and logical errors.

Options for increasing uniqueness that no longer work

It makes no sense to bypass anti-plagiarism in 2021 in the following ways:

  • replacing Cyrillic letters with Latin letters;
  • inserting a large number of epithets and introductory words;
  • synonymizing all or most parts of the text.

Advanced software has long identified irrelevant Latin characters. Epithets and introductory words are not always appropriate. After synonymizing, the text in most cases loses its meaning.

The following techniques also will not affect uniqueness in any way:

  1. Breakdown or combining of grammatical structures. There is no point in trying to artificially break complex sentences into simple ones, or, conversely, to combine them. Services do not check the sequence of grammatical constructions, but their content.
  2. Changing punctuation marks. Programs do not pay attention to the presence or absence of periods, commas, dashes, and colons, but only to words.
  3. Permutation of the parts of the sentence. Modern services can search for rearranged words.
  4. Change the background. When the text is inserted into the window of a checker, the anti-plagiarism reflects all parts of the work, even the invisible ones painted in white.

Also, do not use outdated services or outdated versions of the program for checking. Such deception will be easily exposed, which will be disastrous for the reputation of the author of the work.

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